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New Project Organizing files and starting a new project in Premiere Pro.

Step 1:

Create a new folder which will house all of the elements for your project.

Be sure to create this folder in an easily accessed location on your computer. The Videos folder on Windows or the Movies folder on Mac are great locations which are easy to remember.

Be sure to give the folder a unique name which reflects the project you are working on. For this example we’re just using ‘My Project.’ 

Step 2:

Within your project folder, create two new folders. Name one folder ‘Footage” and name the other ‘Exports.’

We will use the Footage folder house all of the video files for the project. We will use the Exports folder to save our final renders to.

Separating the footage and exports in this manner ensures that your final video is not confused with your raw footage.

Step 3:

Copy your raw footage from your camera or other media device in to the Footage folder.

Copying the footage avoids broken links in Premiere Pro should the media device become disconnected. But most importantly, copying the footage to your hard drive increases the performance of the editing software. 

Step 4:

Launch Adobe Premiere Pro and select New Project.

In the popup window, name your project. Next, select the browse button and navigate to the folder you created. In this example, the My Project folder. Click Select Folder, then Okay to generate your new project.

Saving the Premiere Pro project file in the same folder as your footage and other elements avoids broken links. Should you need to move the project, you’ll only need to copy the My Project folder and all other elements will be contained.

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