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Get Started How to become a Program Provider and Program Producer.

CMC is your public access station for Hayward and Fremont. We provide the resources and training needed for residents or any individual involved with a community-based or non-profit organization, educational institution, or local government agency, to produce their own programming. To use our resources, you must be working on a project that will air on the community access channel.

To become a Certified Program Provider you must:

Forms can be submitted through email,, or in person.

Once you are a Certified Program Provider, you may submit a show for playback by filling out a Playback Application, head to Submit a Show for more information.

If you would like to use CMC’s studio, field kits or editing workstations to produce your show, you must become a Certified Program Producer.

To become a Certified Program Producer you must:

  • Fulfill all qualifications to be a Program Provider
  • Obtain the certifications for the resources (Studio, Field Kits and Workstation) you need to produce your show
  • Submit a Project Proposal for the program you are producing

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